My philosophy

I am Eva Sossnitza and I make accessories for woman who want easily to be gorgeous!

You don’t want to be „pretty“ or „nice“ but you are bold enough to show everybody how gorgeous you are! With an accessory you want to underline your conficence. An accessory just as gorgeous like you!

An headpiece is like the icing on the cake. You leave a mark whenever wearing it, saying „I know who I am“! I design headpieces to reinforce that fantastic feeling of being gorgeous. Little treasuries, which make you say „wow“ when putting them on. Accessories which will make it easy for you to feel gorgeous and unique!

Genuine handcraft

Every accessory is designed amd made by myself! stands for real traditional handcrafting. The combination of classical crafting techniquies with luxurious and high-quality materials leads to the creation of unique headpieces! Hats, silk flowers, embroidery, lace making – handcraft with such care an love enables to make small changes for your item.



Apart from customizing an item of an collection I also offer a bespoke designed item, only for you! Your own ideas are integrated into the creation of a unique accessory – a real personalized one piece of a kind! This will become a creative process for both of us.


Which way of mounting your headpiece would be best, according to you hairstyle? This and such questions I will answer you and offer you my help and advice.

Here you can contact me.

Your experience

Take your time in the shop, look for the matching accessory for your outfit or get inspired by an headpiece wich outfit to buy! Read in my blog about the proceß of design and making or get some styling ideas.

About me

Although I loved to design and create things with fabric when I was a child (evening gowns and headpieces for my dolls), my occupational career led me to a different path.

Lately, I trained as a dressmaker to live my pashion for textile creations. Creating lovely treasuries out of luxurios materials, reminiscing past periods opulence, I finally made my profession.