The goal is set: You want to feel gorgeous without any efforts. I design the matching accessory! I make a headpiece or hair accessory especially for you which will be as unique as you are!

A design can be changed in different ways:

1. Customizing an existing design by

⋅ colour

⋅ small changes (different pearls, adding or reducing pearls, feathers a.s.o.)

⋅ change of size change of attachment (for e.g. with a comb or hat elastic or alice band, snap clip oder alligator clip)

⋅ a mix of designs (for e.g. a certain hat with a different flower on it)

Most of these customizing choices are already integrated into the product description, but do not hesitage to ask for more. Most of these changes incur no or only a small additional fee.


2. A complete new design according to your vision

You simply tell me what you imagine, show me pictures of your dress or colour charts, everything which might help me understand what you would like to have. I develop a design idea, make a suggestion including a quotation and the estimated production time. This consultation is free. After you placed the order I start with the work but I will keep in touch with you about the process of creation.

For the process of development my design suggestion please allow 3 – 6 weeks after your first inquiry. Time for production and shipping needs also to be added. To make sure your personal accessory will reach you in time, pleas contact me early enough.


At this moment this website includes not (yet) a webshop. But inquiries can be made in my Etsy shop with an inquiry button. Already integrated customizing choices you will find in the product description.